Paint and materials in UAE

Paint and Material Trading

Our car is an essential part of our life. We spend money and time to look after our car for better performance and look. Car painting and other materials help your vehicle to look better. Sometimes you may need to paint your car if it has met with an accident and lost the paint with scratches on body. Painting your car with a new coat will help hide the scratch marks and dings, and your car will look like a new one. Modern-day car paints come in two coats; pigmented basecoat and a clear topcoat and based on acrylic.

Germantech offers sales and services of car paints and other materials in the UAE. Buying paint for your car is now made easy with our expert customer support. We help you to find the best one for your vehicle based on the cost and other factors. We offer the sales of materials for wrapping and other aesthetical works to help you cover the damages and improve the aesthetics of your car. We sell the car paints of all leading brands such as Golden, KAPCI, F1, 3M, AMPERE, ASTURO, and many more.

Our quality products help you to do the touch-up jobs for the best results. Our product range contains self-serving touch-up kits and professional coating paints to help you choose what you want. If you are looking for leading car paint and other materials trader and service provider in the UAE, contact us to get the best products that you will love.

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