High value service contracts in UAE

Service Contract

We all need a car in our life. We buy new cars to enjoy the smooth experience of driving a good motor vehicle in a brand new condition. We all know the discomfort that a car brings when it gets old due to continuous usage. The wear and tear can cause your car to lag in performance and bring expensive bills for maintenance and service. It is when you can get the benefit of having a service contract for your motor vehicle. An auto service contract protects you from paying huge amount of bills for unexpected or costly repairs.

The customer needs an auto service contract or extended warranty once the warranty provided by the manufacturer expires. Germantech offers service contracts for motor vehicles in the UAE. Our service contract solutions cover the repair cost for the major components of your vehicle. We take care of parts like engine, transmission, air conditioning for the agreed contract period. We offer the best value for our service contract solutions, and you can have peace of mind about the cost of repairs.

Our experienced team of technicians and the quality spare parts we use make sure that you get the best out of your contract. We offer transparent service contracts to help you understand the agreed terms and conditions within the contract. If you are looking for a quality service contract provider in the UAE for your car, get in touch with Germantech.

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